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ATTENTION: I am not producing dinnerware or raku pottery at this time. I expect to be producing small quantities by summer 2007. I will accept custom orders for bonsai pots at this time. Please Email Me before placing an order.
Copper Matte Vase, Hand Crafted Raku Pottery Northwind Pottery Maine Cobalt Blue & White Crackle Luminaria, Hand Crafted Raku Pottery Northwind Pottery Maine
NOTE: I am not producing raku at this time. If you would like to be notified when raku production resumes, please Email Me
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Raku Luminarias and Night Lights Northwind Pottery Maine
Northwind Pottery Maine - Hand thrown Porcelain & Raku Pottery.

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Raku pottery is beautiful and spontaneous. All my Raku pottery is hand thrown and/or hand carved. Decorated with beautiful metallic, matte and crackle glazes, raku pottery makes a wonderful and unique gift.
My Raku pottery is intended for decorative uses only. They are not designed or safe for use with food. Raku pottery is not dishwasher safe and should be handled with care.

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(NOTE: Due to the uncontrollable nature of the Raku process the images on this page should be used for reference only. While the basic shapes and glazes are the same, they vary greatly from piece to piece. When you buy one of my Raku pieces you can be sure that no one else will have one just like it. I recommend you
I will e-mail you pictures of available pieces within 24 hours or let you know when a certain piece will be available.

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The Raku pottery process
is exciting and spontaneous. After the pottery has been bisque fired, it is glazed and raku fired to a temperature of around 1800f in a propane-fired raku kiln. It takes about a 30 minutes to reach temperature. The pottery is removed from the raku kiln with specially designed raku tongs, while it is still glowing hot, and placed in a metal can filled with combustible materials. The heat from the pottery ignites the material and the can is immediately sealed. The fire quickly uses all the oxygen in the can and draws it from the pottery and glaze. This is called "post fire reduction" Reduction is what causes the wonderfully unique, unpredictable and spontaneous patterns of color and metallic lustres. After 15 minutes or so in the reduction can, the pottery is removed and dunked in water to "freeze" the shifting patterns. Protective clothing, gloves and eye protection are worn when handling the hot pottery. The clay used for raku pottery is specially designed to withstand thermal shock, most other clays would crack under the drastic temperature change.

If you'd like to learn more about Raku pottery, I'll be teaching pottery at the CCLC Gathering soon.
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